Sunday, 10 May 2009

If you go down to the shed today …

Well I did … and I did get a surprise! Now that I have had more time to search through the pile of plastic storage boxes I had put in the garden shed some years ago, I have found loads of wargaming stuff that I thought that I had lost or had forgotten that I had.

What I had 'found' includes:
  • A boxful of ROCO Minitanks, some of which are painted but most of which are still in their original boxes.
  • A boxful of made and unmade HO scale buildings.
  • A boxful of unmade 1:72nd and 1:76th scale military vehicle kits.
  • Two complete 15mm painted armies for the Chaco War (the figures are Peter Laing WWI figures organised into regiments of 20 figures).
  • Two small 15mm painted nineteenth century ‘imagi-nation’ armies (again, these are all Peter Laing figures).
  • A boxful of unmade 1:1200th scale plastic model ships.
  • A boxful of various unmade plastic kits, including 1:400th scale models of the Russian battleship POTEMKIN and cruiser AURORA.
This is quite a lot of stuff that I will need sort out over the next few months. Some of it I can use almost immediately, but much of it will need to remain in storage until I can decide what I am going to do with it.


  1. That must have been a bit of Howard Carter/Indiana Jones strange curses on the shed is there?

  2. Ogrefencer,

    From the amount of digging that I had to do to shift the earth so that I could open the door in the first place, it was more of a Percy Thrower moment (My God! That shows my age, doesn't it?).

    I must admit that now I have begun to investigate what is in the shed (and I have only opened half the storage boxes so far), I am looking forward to finding out what other ‘lost’ items I will find.


  3. Wow, quite a find indeed. May you find many more things thought lost!


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