Thursday, 14 May 2009

If you go down to the shed today … again!

No work today, so after doing all the chores I had I set off again to examine the contents of the shed.

This time I managed to get all the storage boxes out and was able to spread them out on the lawn. In addition to what I already knew that I had, I found the following:
  • A boxful of assorted die cast vehicles including nine agricultural-style tracked tractors of the sort used by the Red Army to tow heavy artillery, at least a dozen saloon cars suitable for use as staff cars, and various generic 1930s and 1940s trucks.
  • A box that contained enough painted vehicles to equip a MEGABLITZ Panzer division and two painted WWII Hungarian infantry battalions (plus supporting artillery) based for COMMAND DECISION (2nd Edition). The latter could easily be re-based and would provide enough figures and equipment for at least four or five MEGABLITZ Hungarian infantry divisions!
  • Two more boxes of unmade 1:72nd and 1:76th scale military vehicle kits
  • Another boxful of various unmade plastic kits, including two 1:350th scale models of the American battleship USS OREGON, three 1:87th scale barges/coasters, three 1:87th scale Tugs, and six AIRFIX 1:72nd scale warships (three Vosper MTBs, two ASRs, and an E-Boat).
  • A boxful of ‘bits’ – mainly spare parts from models, but including some complete unmade kits.
  • Two 1:300th scale painted Spanish Civil War armies (a real bonus as I thought I had lost them long ago!).
  • Two boxfuls of unpainted lead figures in plastic bags, cardboard boxes, and loose, including some original Minifig 25mm Crimean War Russian infantry.
  • Two boxfuls of board games – including Avalon Hill’s GUNS OF AUGUST – and gaming equipment. The latter included numerous game counters and dice.
I just had not realised how much stuff I had stored in the shed, and it has given me pause for thought as to what I will do with it all. In the meantime I have put it all back, but this time I will have my blog to remind me of what is there!

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