Friday, 29 May 2009

Key ring artillery

Whilst at Houghton Hall I paid a visit to the gift shop. I had hoped to buy lots of toy soldier-related items, but for some reason that don’t stock any.

One thing they did stock was king rings that had small model cannons attached to them as fobs … so I bought a couple.

The key ring cannons photographed with an Essex 15mm figure for comparison purposes
They are ideal to use as heavy cannons by my 15mm native colonial armies – after they have had the key holder removed and been suitably painted and based – and at a cost of £1.25 ready-made they were a bargain.


  1. A number of years ago I got several of these guns without the keyring at a "Dollar Store".

    I haven't really used them because the short trail isn't right for the Eighteenth century that is my current focus. I have however used them in my Colonial gaming.

    -- Jeff

  2. Jeff,

    Great minds think alike!

    I think that they are supposed to be 16th or 17th century cannons, but are suitably ornate – and slightly oversized – to be the sort of artillery a local potentate might have to overawe any rivals and to batter down fortifications. Rather immobile on the battlefield, but otherwise impressive to any enemy whose largest weapon is a musket.



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