Saturday, 28 August 2010

Aircraft of the Aces

Quite a large part of yesterday was taken up with driving my wife down to see her father in Herne Bay, Kent, then driving him to Canterbury to visit a friend in hospital there, and then driving him home again. During our return journey we were able to stop on the way back for a meal in a restaurant, and this gave me the opportunity to visit the branch of Waterstones at Bluewater.

What caught my eye on the Osprey display stand were two books from their AIRCAFT OF THE ACES series. The were FIAT CR.32 ACES OF THE SPANISH CIVIL WAR written by Alfredo Logoluso and illustrated by Richard Caruana (ISBN 978 1 84603 983 6) …

... and POLIKARPOV I-15, I-16 and I-153 ACES written by Mikhail Maslov and illustrated by Andrey Yurgenson (ISBN 978 1 84603 981 2).

They are Nos. 94 and 95 in the AIRCRAFT OF THE ACES series, and were both published this year.

As these books cover periods that are of particular interest to me – the Spanish Civil War and the Great Patriotic War – I bought them. I look forward to reading them in due course.

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