Monday, 30 August 2010

The new 'Frontier': First draft ready

I have just finished the first draft of my latest version of Joseph Morschauser’s 'Frontier' wargame rules ... although the end result is more a melding of his 'Musket' Period and 'Frontier' wargames rules.

First and foremost, I have replaced the term ‘Basic Unit’ with the word ‘stand’, as the latter is more easily understood by most wargamers. I have also:
  • Used the 'Turn Sequence', 'Artillery', 'Movement', and 'Battle' sections from the 'Frontier' wargames rules almost unchanged, although the 'Artillery' section is now entitled 'Artillery Fire' and the 'Battle' section has been renamed 'Close Combat'.
  • Added a new section called 'Infantry, Cavalry, and Machine Gun Fire'. This uses similar game mechanisms to those used in the 'Artillery Fire' section for determining the effectiveness of hits on enemy stands.
  • Renamed the ‘Battle Power’ rating from the ‘Frontier’ wargames rules as ‘Close Combat Power’ and replaced the original ‘Battle Power’ ratings with the ‘Melee Power’ values from the ‘Musket’ Period wargames rules.
  • Generally tidied up the wording of the various sections in the wargames rules in order to make the 'style' more consistent.
This process has taken me somewhat longer than I had expected, but I now have a working draft that I can play-test. I hope that this will take place sometime within the next week or so, but as I go back to work tomorrow – and as yet do not have my teaching timetable – I am unable to plan what I will be able to do with my time too far in advance.

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