Wednesday, 18 August 2010

The task of transcription is now over!

The task of transcribing Joseph Morschauser's book is now over. I managed to complete the last of the appendices last night, and now that all I have to do is to add scans of the pictures featured in the book (along with their captions) and some additional items (including the text of at least one article he wrote about his wargames, a copy of his 'Frontier' wargames rules, and the text of a set of wargames rules that I have developed from Joseph Morschauser's ideas).

This may not sound like a particularly arduous set of tasks to complete, but they are time-consuming, and I have not set myself a deadline for achieving them. That said, I hope to complete them by the forthcoming Sunday. Once that is done I will send the whole thing to John Curry in the hope that it will be published as part of his HISTORY OR WARGAMING project in the near future.


  1. Hello Bob,

    Thanks for your efforts to bring Mr. Morchauser's writings to a wider audience. His "How To Play Miniature Wargames" was my start in this great hobby, more years ago than I care to think about.



  2. Martin,

    I am trying to do my best for someone that I think is one of the forgotten pioneers of wargaming.

    Both Morschauser and Featherstone's books were published at approximately the same time, and enjoyed considerable popularity in the period just afterwards. Of the two books, I think that Morschauser’s actually had more to offer someone who wanted to develop their own ideas (e.g. multi-figure bases, the roster system that allowed unit quality to degrade by steps), whereas Featherstone’s was much more Wellsian (and therefore more traditional) in its ideas. However, Donald Featherstone went on to write follow-up books and Joseph Morschauser did not, and I wonder what would have happened if the situations had been reversed.

    All the best,