Saturday, 21 August 2010

I am a bit odd ... but at least I know that I am!

In the film MAGNUM FORCE, Inspector Harry Callahan (played by Clint Eastwood) utters the immortal line:
'A man's got to know his limitations!'

I think that I know some of mine ... and one of them is keeping a printed record of my blog.

I know that this sounds a bit odd, but despite all the wonders of electronic media, I still like paper. I like to read books, newspapers, and magazines. I own (and use) a Filofax. I enjoy being able to sit in a comfortable chair or in bed and read ... and despite the advances that have been made with things like electronic organisers, PDAs, iPhones, iPads, and EBooks, in my opinion they are just not as easy or enjoyable to use as good old paper-based media. Hence my reason for keeping a printed version of my blog.

Pretty well ever since I started keeping this blog I have copied and pasted the text and images into a document every couple of days. Once the document – which I call my Blog Diary – reaches forty pages long, I print it off in colour, store it in a display folder, and start a new document. To date I have printed twenty volumes (I printed the twentieth off today) and in total I have written almost 195,000 words.

You might think that I am a bit odd ... but at least I know that I am!


  1. And when the server burps and loses thousands of blogs, you will be able to recover. The rest of us - not so much. ;)

  2. Pat G,

    How very true!

    I have worked with computers for nearly thirty years ... and I still don't trust them to be 100% reliable.

    I remember being at a meeting some years ago when the agenda reached the 'date of next meeting' item. Despite the barely concealed sniggers of the other attendees who all had electronic organisers, I opened my Filofax, wrote the date down, and was out of the room before their electronic gadgets had booted up.

    Isn't progress wonderful!

    All the best,


  3. Bob
    Nothing wrong with owning up to using a Filofax. More people use them now than they did in the 1980's

    Judging by the number of new visitors we get to each day they are not waning in popularity.


  4. Steve,

    I thought that the Filofax had gone out of fashion, but having looked at the blog you mention in your comment, I can see that I was wrong!

    All the best,



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