Friday, 20 August 2010

Scanning images: Update

I used the scanning method I outlined yesterday (i.e. a slightly higher resolution and as colour (rather than monochrome) images) .. and it worked a treat! So much so, that I was able to add the scanned images to the draft text of Joseph Morschauser's book that I have been transcribing, and I have sent it off to the publisher for them to give it the 'once over'. I still have more to add to the draft, but the bulk of it is now done.

The problem I had with the scanner settings can be illustrated by the following two images. The first was done as a monochrome image ...

... and the second was scanned as a colour image.

As you can see, the second image is of a somewhat better quality than the first. And before anyone makes a comment ... I know that the second image is not of an outstanding quality, but the original photograph that I scanned was not of a very high quality in the first place.


  1. Hi Bob,

    Yeah! That is so so true. I spent many an hour peering at those few precious photos, envisioning the armies that would some day be mine and a place to deploy them where the dog wouldn't trample through or my siblings discover a new source of chew toys. Memories, memories.



  2. Martin,

    I still find the monochrome photographs from Joseph Morschauser's book more inspiring than the colour photos in the modern mainstream wargames magazine. They stimulated the imagination rather than make you feel that your own efforts at painting and terrain building are rather lacking.

    All the best,



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