Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Back to work ...

Today was the first day back at work after the long summer holiday, and I was up at just after 6.00am – early but none too bright – in order to have my breakfast and get ready for my journey to work. For once the journey from my home on Shooters Hill to my workplace in Brockley took me less than thirty minutes, and by 7.50am I was sat at my desk trying to make sense of the emails that had accumulated over the six weeks I have been away.

After morning briefing – which, as usual, was far from brief – we had Faculty meetings, then a short break, then another Faculty meeting (because something was missed out during the first one!), and then spent the rest of the day signing students on to their courses.

The latter went quite slowly at first, and then it became apparent that not all the students had been sent the letter that told them that today was the day they had to come in to sign up ... so it was back to the office to make some rather quick 'phone calls to 'remind' students to come in. As a result, we were rushed off our feet for most of the afternoon ... just at the time the computer system decided it was going to slow down. The electronic course registration system almost – but not quite – ground to a halt ... and many of us ended up working past our proper finishing time to clear the backlog.

As a result of this somewhat frustrating day, when I got home I felt in no mood to do much except sit and vegetate in front of the TV ... but now that I have had time to recover I am going to go and prepare some hexed terrain tiles for painting. I might was well make sure that I do something productive today ... it will help me feel better about having to go back to work!


  1. Sometimes you get a week like that! I'm currently running from one thing to another and just can't get into a new painting project - nightmare. Still, I'm sure it'll pass! :-)

  2. Ah, work. Where would we all be without it?
    Probably at home fighting a wargame.

    Sorry, must fly Bob, I have to get to work.


  3. CWT,

    I have just logged on at work ... and find that things that worked yesterday are not working today! It looks like it is the usual start of term SNAFU.

    Mind you, I did at least manage to paint some of my hexed terrain tiles last night, so things did look up as the day went on.

    All the best,


  4. Steve Turner,

    I am currently on my lunch time ... or should I say lunch – 'more like fifteen minutes, and I am trying to answer my email and the phone whilst I am eating' – time.

    As a teenager I remember being told that computers would take a lot of the monotony out of work; the truth is that they just seem to increase the amount of work we have to do!

    Roll on the end of the day ... when I can go home and paint some more terrain!

    All the best,



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