Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Conversations in cars

Last night I went out for dinner with some other members of the international fraternal organisation that I belong to. It was the end of our ‘year’ (this runs from September to May) and we always mark it with an informal meal in a restaurant. On this occasion we ate in a newly-opened Turkish restaurant, and although the service was rather slow, the food – and company – was excellent.

I gave a lift to one of the other members who also happens to be a wargamer, and on the drive to and from the meal we had a chance to talk about the various projects that we have on the go. He had a fairly good knowledge of what I am currently working on – he reads my blog quite frequently – and I knew from the pages of THE NUGGET that he was working on a set of rules of refighting battles of the American War of Independence. He was able to fill me in on the latest developments and we also discussed the various merits of COMMANDS & COLORS: ANCIENTS of which he is the proud owner of the basic and all the expansion sets. He also gave me some useful background to some of the forthcoming games that will be fought by the ‘Jockey's Fields Irregulars’ (an informal group of wargamers who try to meet once a month in London; we are both members, but I have not been able to go along to the most recent sessions).

Conversations like this are always extremely useful to me, especially as I am not a member of an established wargames club that meets regularly. They give me the opportunity to bounce ideas off someone else before I put pen to paper (or – more accurately – fingers to keyboard).

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