Friday, 6 May 2011

The end of the week is almost here ...

It is Friday afternoon, and I have just finished eating my lunch. All I have to do before I leave and go home is to collect some work from another member of staff so that I can assess it over the weekend, and do my break duty. The latter involves standing outside the main entrance and making sure that the smokers (who have to stand outside the gates to indulge their habit) do not run amok!

Other than doing the assessment work, I hope that the rest of the weekend will be spent doing things that I want to do rather than have to do ... although I suspect that a large part of Saturday will be spent dealing with my father-in-law's domestic problems.

If the deliveries of further Britains Deetail toy soldiers continue to take place at their current rate, I should have quite a sizable FUNNY LITTLE WARS army by Monday. I also want to have a fresh look at my PORTABLE WARGAME rules. I have left the latter alone for over a fortnight, and when I go back to them it will be with a somewhat fresher eye ... and although this might mean that I tinker with them a bit (Sorry Conrad Kinch!), I hope that I will be reading a set of rules that are just about as developed as they are ever going to be. If I manage to do that, it will have been a weekend well spent.


  1. Let's hope its "want", rather than the "have", weekend for you, unfortunately, I've got a "have" weekend :0(

  2. Ray Rousell,

    Most of my weekends start out as 'want to' ones but usually evolve into 'have to' ones by halfway through Saturday morning (if not Friday evening!).

    Enjoy yours as much as you can.

    All the best,