Sunday 15 May 2011

A very busy weekend

Most of this weekend seems to have gone by in a blur. Yesterday was mainly taken up with visiting my father-in-law in Herne Bay, Kent, doing his shopping, and trying to sort his finances out for him. The latter was not easy as he has a habit of storing his bank statements in all sorts of odd places in his house, and not just in the simple 'Home File' that we gave to him for exactly that purpose.

Today was devoted to visiting my father, whose 85th Birthday it is on Tuesday. His dementia is now at a stage where he knows that something is wrong, but cannot express the way he feels. As a result he seems to switch from depression to anger to frustration and back again on an almost minute by minute basis. He seems unable to find any kind of inner peace, and repeatedly says that he wishes that he was dead. I try to do my best to raise his spirits, but my efforts always seem to have little or no effect.

Despite all of this, I did manage to get a bit of time to myself today, and I spent it re-reading and amending the current draft of my PORTABLE WARGAMES rules. The main changes related to Regular European Cavalry Units. They now automatically charge towards the nearest enemy Unit in response to being 'pinned' by enemy fire. This 'flight to the front' seems to have been quite a common response amongst Regular European Cavalry to enemy fire during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, and the new version of the rules reflect this. I still have to play-test these rules (something that I had hoped to do this weekend) but I feel that they are almost as finished as they ever will be.

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