Monday, 16 May 2011

The portable wargame: The final tweaks (I hope!)

I have just read and re-read the latest draft of my PORTABLE WARGAME rules, and have tried to make the section that deals with the reaction of Regular European Cavalry Units to being 'pinned' as proof as possible against the machinations of wargames rules lawyers.

Basically, if a Regular European Cavalry Unit is 'pinned', it does not go to ground like other Units; it moves towards the enemy at the earliest opportunity ... and will continue to do so until it is 'unpinned'. This is to reflect that fact the during the latter part of the nineteenth century and earliest part of the twentieth century, Regular European Cavalry tended to experience 'flight to the front' when it came under fire.

The difficulty with the rules was to ensure that this happened. My solution was to make players decide at the beginning of their part of the turn sequence whether or not to attempt to 'unpin' a 'pinned' Regular European Cavalry Unit. If they decide to 'unpin' the 'pinned' Regular European Cavalry Unit, this is counted as one of their activations; if they decide not to 'unpin' the 'pinned' Regular European Cavalry Unit, the Unit is moved towards the nearest enemy Unit before anything else is done but this is not counted as one of their activations.

In theory, this seems to work, but until I have had the opportunity to play-test the rules again, I will not know if does or not.


  1. Final tweaks forsooth - and if you'll believe that I have a bridge I'd like to sell you...

  2. Conrad Kinch,

    The bridge sounds interesting. Perhaps you could send me details of it and any other interesting monuments that you might have for sale? Please send them to:

    Bob Cordery
    c/o The Nigerian Oil Ministry

    I am also interested if you have relatives who have died leaving you lots of money you cannot get hold of, and I have all my bank details (including security pin codes) to send to you as soon as you ask for them.

    I know that you are honest, because you told me you are.

    All the best,



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