Sunday, 29 May 2011

Getting things done ...

I awoke feeling a bit better this morning, but after a similar start to the day yesterday I was a bit wary about trying to do too much ... and then promptly forgot that good intention!

This morning was taken up with a variety of small but important regular end-of-the-month tasks (e.g. paying bills) and a quick read through of the latest draft of my PORTABLE WARGAME rules. I made a few minor adjustments, and I hope to have them available to be downloaded from THE PORTABLE WARGAME WEBSITE sometime tomorrow.

The main changes are:
  • The Close Combat Power of Infantry (Rifles), Infantry (Other Firearms) and Machine Guns has been reduced to 4.
  • Light Field Artillery has been renamed Light Field/Mountain Artillery.
  • All notes have been numbered using Roman numerals and placed in separate paragraphs within the text of the rules.
  • A rule has been added to the Unit Activation and Turn Sequence sections that states that 'A Unit may turn up to 60 degrees in order to fire at an enemy Unit; this turn does not count as a move for the purposes of Unit activation but the act of firing does.' The first sentence of this rule has been repeated in both the Artillery Fire and Non-Artillery Fire sections.
  • The following note has been added to all the rules that determine Fire Effect: ''Pinned’ Units reduce their Fire Effect D6 die scores by 1.' An explanatory sentence has been added to the Pinning paragraphs in the Special Rules section.
  • New – and hopefully improved – Arcs of Fire diagrams have been added to Appendix 2.
My wife and I then visited my father just before lunch. We were joined by one of my nephews, and after leaving my father to enjoy his Sunday roast, we went to a very nice Italian restaurant for a late lunch.

After dropping my nephew off at a tube station so that he could return to his University Halls of Residence, my wife and I returned home. Later in the day we went out for a drink with some friends, but this was curtailed somewhat because by then I was beginning to feel very tired and my headache had returned, and one of our friends was also feeling somewhat unwell.

All-in-all, it was a busy day, and I will be off to bed very soon, feeling somewhat better than I did at this time yesterday. I hope that a good night's sleep will see me fully recovered by tomorrow as it also looks like it is going to be a rather busy day.

I cannot wait to retire so that I can put my feet up and have a rest ... but somehow I don't think that that is going to happen!


  1. Hope you feel allot better tomorrow Rob!

  2. Sounds like a nice day, apart from the headache of course!! You can't beat an Italian lunch!

  3. Don M,

    Thanks for you good wishes.

    I am feeling better today than I did yesterday, but I am still not quite 100%. Hopefully, as the day goes on, I will gradually feel even better.

    All the best,


  4. Ray Rousell,

    We found the Italian restaurant we went to purely by accident, and it turned out to very good indeed.

    Both my wife and I love Italian food, and it was a real treat to eat such good examples of it outside of Italy.

    All the best,



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