Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Early wargames ... now available!

I understand that as part of his 'History of Wargaming' Project, John Curry is publishing a compendium of early wargames. Titles included in the book are:
  • Notes on the Robert Louis Stevenson Game (1898)
  • The Great Wargame (1908)
  • War Games for Boy Scouts (1910)
  • Little Wars (1913) by HG Wells
  • Sham Battle 1929 (Extract) by Lt. Dowdall and Gleason
  • Mechano Artillery Duel (1932)
  • The Liddell Hart Wargame (1935)
  • Captain Sachs War Game (1940)
The book's title is EARLY WARGAMES VOL 1: THE WARGAMING PIONEERS INCLUDING LITTLE WARS BY H.G. WELLS, THE WAR GAME FOR BOY SCOUTS AND THE WAR GAME BY CAPTAIN SACHS 1898-1940 ( ISBN 978 1 4476 4770 9) and it can be bought for £11.95 (plus postage and packing) from the website.

Amongst the other books that John has recently republished are:Copies of these books can also be bought from the website.


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