Sunday, 16 October 2011

Hex terrain experiments

Over recent weeks I have been concentrating upon making hills to use with my 'new' gridded terrain boards ... but this does not mean that I have given up on the idea of using my hexed terrain at some time in the future.

Over the past few days I have been experimenting with various different coloured paints and types of flock to see what will be the best combinations to use with my Heroscape™ terrain. I am going to need both grassed and desert/barren areas and will need to use materials that are readily available. I have therefore concentrated upon using paints supplied by my local Hobbycraft and Games Workshop outlets (both of whom sell Citadel paints) and flock supplied by Games Workshop (for static grass flock) and Javis Manufacturing (for cork granules).

The following photograph shows the results of my experiments.

The seven-hex terrain tile has been painted with Citadel Goblin Green paint and flocked with Games Workshop static grass. The uppermost single-hex terrain tile has been painted with Citadel Graveyard Earth paint and the middle one has been painted with Citadel Kommando Khaki. Both have been flocked with Jarvis fine-grade cork granules. The bottom singe-hex terrain tile has been painted with Citadel Camo Green paint and flocked with Games Workshop static grass.

I am pleased that I undertook these experiments as it has shown me that the best combinations for my purposes are:
If I had not done this experiment I may well have wasted time and money buying the wrong colour paint with which to paint hexes before I flock them.


  1. I agree with your choices Bob. Have you thought about doing transition pieces, part green part tan?

    Perhaps mottled rather than split. These could be used either as a transition between desert and grassland or as a less abrupt patch of fertile area within the desert or as a boggy area within grass land etc.

  2. Nice set of hexes

    The cork seems to work very well - its not something I've used at this level - rocks and cliffs yes but not scatter.

    Have you seen:

    Note the last thread is very very long but worth it :-)


  3. Ross Mac,

    I certainly have enough 'spare' hexes to experiment with transitional pieces of terrain, so I may well give your idea a try!

    Thanks for the suggestion.

    All the best,


  4. ADB,

    What I like about using cork granules is that they are self-coloured (and therefore do not fade) and are environmentally sound.

    Thanks for the two links; I will look at them later this evening.

    All the best,


  5. Looking good Bob - when are they going to see action?

  6. Conrad Kinch,

    I hope to have enough hexes painted and flocked so that I can use them sometime in the next fortnight.

    In the meantime, I have made or two more experiments.

    All the best,



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