Sunday 30 October 2011

The Imagi-world of 1891 ... needs named seas and oceans

I have made very little progress on this particular project over recent days, but one thing that I have realised is that the seas and oceans on my map of the imagi-world are unnamed.

Rather than use a mixture of both real and imaginary names, I have decided to use nothing but imaginary ones that reflect the countries that are bordered by those seas and oceans. For example, some of the names I plan to use include the Chindian Ocean, the Chitan Sea, and the Sea of Jippon.


  1. The sea between Upsland and Nordland should be the Western Sea because that is how the Upslanders would have seen it.

    The Mediterranean would probably be the Middle Sea.

    Between New Scotia and Scotia/Eira Sea of Terror because of all those navigation hazards (icebergs, sea serpents[from Loch Ness], Cthulhu, etc.)

    Hudson Bay could be renamed Minnetonka. It's the Dakota word for 'big water'. A Lake and town in Minnesota are named that. (Minnesota meaning Land of Lakes). I realize Dakota is a bit south, but their ancient lands could have been on the shores of the bay. Or you could apply it to the Great Lakes system.

  2. 123,

    Thank you for the excellent suggestions; I shall certainly be using some of them ... particularly the name for Hudson's Bay.

    All the best,



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