Thursday, 6 October 2011

A little light relief ...

I very rarely believe the 'puff' printed by publishers about their books, and had I read the back cover of my latest acquisition – FENWICK TRAVERS AND THE YEARS OF EMPIRE – I might not have bought it!

The back cover includes the following text: 'Meet the most entertaining rogue to strut the world's stage since Harry Flashman was expelled from Rugby!' Now I have yet to read the book, but I have read all of the FLASHMAN books ...and this is going to have to be very good indeed to reach that standard.

In truth I doubt that it will be as good as it is puffed up to be, but that said, this hardback edition was as cheap to buy as a discounted paperback novel and if I get some enjoyment out of reading it, then it will have been worth the money.

I hope so ... as I have already ordered the other two books in the same series!


  1. So that is the first sign of pulling your financial horns in is it? Buying three books sight unseen.....

    It will be a long winter

  2. Robertpeel999,

    Three books for the price of one? Sounds economical to me ...

    All the best,



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