Tuesday 11 October 2011

Imagi-world map suggestions

I have had several suggestions for name changes, particularly for some of the states in America. I am giving the suggestions serious consideration and may make the changes before finalising the map.

I am also considering a suggestion that I make the map and the back story (when the latter is written) available as a page or pages on this blog. This makes sense as readers will be able to refer to the pages as and when they need to look something up at a later date.


  1. May I suggest changing North Cheyenne to Dakota?

    It seems to incorporate both North & South Dakota.

    The South Cheyenne can be just Cheyenne.

    Can't believe I'm sticking up for the Dakotas. It's enough to make a Chippewan cry...

  2. Captain Oblivious,

    Many thanks for the suggestion. It makes perfect sense, and will help me to improve the map.

    All the best,



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