Friday 28 October 2011

Fenwick Travers is no Harry Flashman but ...

I have just finished reading the third and final volume of the Fenwick Travers trilogy, FENWICK TRAVERS AND THE PANAMA CANAL.

In some ways this is the best of the three books as it covers the events of the successful Panamanian revolt against Colombia. Reading the book gave me lots of ideas for possible scenarios that would allow me to include steam railways, gunboats, Marines, South American revolutionaries, Amerindians, beautiful female spies, and South American military units! The book even includes some simple maps that would be ideal for a min-campaign.

The author of the Fenwick Travers books only wrote three volumes, but it would appear that he expected to write more. At the end of this book Fenwick Travers is just about to set off for Japan ... and it is set only a few years before the outbreak of the Russo-Japanese War so one imagines that Fenwick was about to get himself involved in that war as well.

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