Thursday, 18 July 2019

Other people's Portable Wargame battle reports: Another American Civil War battle

First, an apology.

Martin Smith posted his most recent American Civil War battle report on the PORTABLE WARGAME Facebook page back on 28th June, but I've only just managed to read it. In my defence, all I can say is that I have been very busy (a trip to Bristol, my wife's birthday, COW2019, and Madonic bits and pieces) and missed the notification Facebook sent to inform me that a new post had been added. I therefore must apologise to Martin for appearing to ignore his excellent battle report.

As can be seen for the following photographs, Martin used his magnificent 2mm-scale figures to fight this battle on a chessboard. The results are very impressive, and show just how portable the game is!

Please note that the photographs featured above are © Martin Smith.


  1. Nice looking game - the PWG has been played with just about every scale!

    1. Maudlin Jack Tar,

      Very true. To my knowledge the rules have been used with figures from 54mm to 2mm tall!

      All the best,



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