Monday, 29 July 2019

Pirates! Smugglers! Robbers!

Sue Laflin-Barker is not as well known as her husband, but deserves to be recognised as an excellent designer of wargames. Her recent book - PIRATES! SMUGGLERS! ROBBERS! - is proof of this, and I can assure anyone who has not come across it, that it is well worth getting hold of a copy.

The book is subtitled A SELECTION OF AFTER-DINNER GAMES because they were designed to be played at COW in the slot after dinner on Saturday night when conference attendees are looking for something a little lighthearted or different to do, and Sue's games certainly fit the bill.

The book contains a number of chapters.
  • Chapter One: The Quest for Redbeard's Treasure
    • Introduction
    • DBAix Rules
    • Creating your own game
    • Three-player DBA
  • Chapter Two: Watch the wall
    • Making the game
    • The Rules
  • Chapter Three: Gentlemen go by
    • Introduction
    • Setting up the game
    • Playing the game
  • Chapter Four: Ancient British cattle raid
    • Introduction
The joy of these games is that they can be set up relatively quickly, and played to a conclusion in well under two hours. Furthermore, they will appeal to people who are not necessarily wargamers or fantasy gamers. After all, who could resist a game that involves Asterix the Gaul, pirates or smugglers!

The book only costs £5.00, and can be bought from via the following link: PIRATES! SMUGGLERS! ROBBERS!.

PIRATES! SMUGGLERS! ROBBERS!: A SELECTION OF AFTER-DINNER GAMES was written by Sue Laflin-Barker and published by her 2016 (ISBN 978 1 326 57114 6).


  1. I seem to recall once making a Pirate Treasure Map with a series of clues, designed, if I recall correctly, for a group of schoolkids. Perhaps something of the sort combined with search parties armed to the teeth with pistol, cutlass and spade, would make a fine game.

    1. Archduke Piccolo,

      That sounds like an excellent idea!

      All the best,



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