Thursday, 22 September 2022

The Army of Zubia: The infantry, machine gun, artillery, and train units

I have just finished renovating, varnishing, and rebasing the rest of the units that will make up the Army of Zubia.

The Army of Zubia has the following units:

  • Infantry
    • 1st Guard Regiment
    • 2nd Guard Regiment
    • 1st Infantry Regiment
    • 2nd Infantry Regiment
    • 3rd Infantry Regiment
    • 1st Machine Gun Battalion
  • Cavalry
    • 1st Cavalry Regiment
    • 2nd Cavalry Regiment
    • Independent Cavalry Squadron
  • Artillery
    • 1st Artillery Regiment
    • 2nd Artillery Regiment
  • Train
    • 1st Supply Column
    • 2nd Supply Column
    • 3rd Supply Column

The Army of Zubia.
The units are shown attached to the magnetic sheet that holds them in place in thier REALLY USEFUL BOXES storage box.

Units shown in italics are militia or reserve units.


  1. BOB,
    Nice work there on the Army of Zubia - expect that you will soon have all your Imagi-nations Armies completed- well done. Regards. KEV.

    1. Kev Robertson (Kev),

      Cheers! I have one more batch of figures to renovate, rebase, and varnish (my British troops) … and that will be the bulk of the armies finished. I may add some colonial troops in due course, and I’d like to add another two armies (simulacra of Russia and Austria-Hungary) at some point.

      All the best,


  2. Looking good. I'm very interested in your proposed new additions.

    1. Mark Cordone,

      I still have my British Colonial figures to renovate, rebase, and varnish ... and after that I'll be adding things to the various armies as and when I feel the urge. For example, I'd like to give the Burgundians and Schwarzenbergers some extra, heavier artillery, especially as I already have some lined up for the 'British'. I'd also like to add other small (and not so small) nations as the project develops. I don't have a plan as such; I'm just letting things evolve as the opportunity arises.

      All the best,



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