Saturday, 14 November 2009

Back on the road again ... to Hobbycraft

The local repair garage has managed to order and fit a new clutch to my Mazda Tribute, and I am no longer dependent on public transport to get anywhere. To celebrate my regained ‘mobility’ I went to the local branch of Hobbycraft.

I have been thinking about my planned play-test of Morschauser’s ‘Modern’ period wargame rules on a 3-inch squared gridded battlefield, and after one false start using some cheap green carpet tiles – it proved almost impossible to mark the grid on the tiles with any degree of accuracy – I decided to use a large piece of suitably marked green felt. In Hobbycraft I was able to buy a 90cms x 90cms piece of green felt and a couple of smaller grey and tan coloured pieces that I can use to represent built-up areas and roads, and I returned home feeling that all was right with the world … and then remembered that I should have also bought some darker green felt to represent wooded areas!

So its back to Hobbycraft tomorrow to buy some more felt; in the meantime I will begin marking the grid on the large piece of green felt and cutting the smaller pieces into town and road-sized bits.

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