Friday 27 November 2009

Modified Morschauser ‘Modern’ Period Wargames Rules

I have made a few changes as a result of the recent play-test. They can be summarised as being:
  • Reformatting the ‘Units’ table so that the Unit Types are separated into Infantry, Artillery, AFV, and Miscellaneous
  • Removing Antitank Grenades from the list of weapons in the ‘Units’ table that Infantry Units can use
  • Adding Minefields to the list of Unit Types
  • Removing the rules that allow Tank Units to run down other types of Unit
  • Removing the rules pertaining to the use of Antitank Grenades
  • Removing the rules that stopped Tank Units from engaging in Close Combat
  • Adding new rules that deal with Woods & Built-up Areas, Minefields, and Barbed Wire to the ‘Special Rules’ section.
Although these are still very much a ‘work in progress’, they are now becoming a very workable set of simple, fast-play ‘Modern’ period wargames rules.

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