Saturday, 21 November 2009

More retail therapy bargains!

I had to return to the Retail Outlet Centre at Chatham Maritime today, and as luck would have it I was able to re-visit the small department store where I previously bought some very useful Hasbro/Micromodels models from their INDIANA JONES range.

Again I was in luck and managed to buy two more models each of ‘Vogel’s Mark VII tank’ and the German Army truck. In addition I purchased two models of the 'Last Crusade Biplane' which are described as having two 50mm machine guns(!).

Once repainted, they will be ideal for use as reconnaissance or ground attack aircraft in any minor, between-the-wars conflicts.


  1. Fixed Bayonet Metal Soldiers,

    I presume so, as they seem to be appearing in discount shops (although I have not yet seen them in pound shops).

    All the best,



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