Thursday, 26 November 2009

Guy Debord and The Game of War

I am grateful to Clive Smithers of Vintage Wargaming for sending me a link to the Class Wargames website.

Class Wargames has recently launched a film about Guy Debord's THE GAME OF WAR, and it is possible to view the film in five sections on the website. Whilst I found this ... interesting ... I actually found the rules of Debord's game more relevant to my studies of wargames that use gridded playing surfaces. They are certainly worth looking at in more detail, and I shall be doing so sometime over the next few days.


  1. Yeah, "interesting" is the word all right. Is this guy having us on? Is a battlefield really an "erogenous zone"?! And what exactly is "media communist" or "situationist" supposed to mean?
    Glad to see the Loony Left is still around.

  2. Bumbydad,

    The comment 'Pretentious ... moi?' sprang to mind when I watched the extracts. I suspect that if one were to ask what on earth some of the terminology meant, one would be greeted with a look of distain intended to impart the message that 'If you don't understand, you are not worth talking to'.

    Having tried to make sense of the rules, I found them to be rather too difficult for an average wargamer like me to pick up and use without constant reference to the text. They failed my tests that ‘if a wargamer has not got the essence of the rules within three turns, the rules are too complex’ and ‘if wargamers constantly forget to use a section of the rules because they do not understand them or they seem to be irrelevant, but the game still functions without problems, then that section of the rules should either be re-written or removed’.

    All the best,



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