Tuesday, 3 November 2009

The Rules of the Modern Period ... by Joseph Morschauser: One of his games in progress

Joseph Morschauser's book HOW TO PLAY WAR GAMES IN MINIATURE only contains one picture of his 'Modern' period rules in use.

It is interesting to see that he used AIRFIX figures (mounted three to an Infantry Basic Unit base/'tray' and two plus a heavy weapon for the Machine Gun and Antitank Gun Basic Unit bases/'trays') and ROCO Minitank vehicles.

Looking at it reminded me of my own early World War II wargames that used a very similar collection of figures and vehicles.


  1. Bob,

    Quite surprising. The game looks not dissimilar to Brent Oman's F.O.B. WW2 rules which were published earlier this year.

    Of course, passing similarity struck me as soon as I saw the photos. Now off to compare some of the rules and mechanisms.

    Great stuff - keep it coming,


  2. Tone,

    Morschauser’s rules do have a lot in them that look familiar. I suspect that the reason is that they were the starting point from which a lot of other people began when they wrote their rules ... and that the origins of what has now become the accepted orthodoxy have been lost in the mists of time.

    This is one of the reasons why I enjoy what I suppose one would call wargaming 'archaeology'; finding out how things began and how much we have moved forward – or more precisely, gone round in a circle – since is very interesting.

    As usual, there appears to be ‘Nothing new under the Sun’.

    All the best,



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