Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Morschauser ‘Modern’ Period Wargames Rules – Even more thoughts on the recent play-test

Since my blog entry of yesterday I have time to think a bit more about the next draft of the rules and to exchange emails with Jim Wright. As a result I have:
  • Removed the section of the rules that allows Tank Units to run down other Units and destroy them (This immediately reduced the complexity of the rules and increased their simplicity)
  • Given AFV – Tanks a Close Combat Power = 3
  • Given AFV – Armoured Car a Close Combat Power = 5
  • Removed the use of Antitank Grenades from Infantry – Rifles and Infantry – Submachine Gun Units
  • Added a rule about what Units can move through woods off road
  • Added a rule about the ability of Units in woods to fire at enemy Units
  • Added a rule about the ability of Units to see enemy Units that are hidden inside woods
I am also thinking about introducing rules for minefields and barbed wire before the next play-test. Time ... and pressure of work ... will be the determining factors as to whether I manage to do so or not.


  1. Wire & mines, interesting, I could have used wire for the airborne attack on the bridge. The thoughts that came to me are:
    Minefields: I breifly thought about giving mines a melee value but there are too many anomolies so current thought would be that a unit entering a minefield would stop and the player owning the minefield would roll 1 die. on a 5 or 6 the enemy is destroyed. If not destroyed the unit may move normally next turn. Engineers would be allowed to remove an adjacent minefield.

    For barbed wire I would suggest treating it like a stream so that a unit halts when it enteres the barbed wire grid then may continue on the next turn.

    I look forward to see what you come up with.

  2. Hi Bob,

    I vote no Minefields or Barbed Wire. At least not yet. Get the last few wrinkles out of the base rules first.

    Then maybe Minefields or Barbed Wire or Aeroplanes or what have you.

    Perhaps you should have a basic game - Morschauser-esque, very simple, and an advanced game - Cordery-esque, slightly less simple.

    Remember my comment on the convergence of WEC and Morschauser. Perhaps Morschauser should merge into WEC and not WEC into Morschauser?

    Or maybe all these games are just echoes of each other? Dreams of games past, present, and future?

    Maybe a separate version, a new version, that incorporates the best ideas and your favorite parts should be the next big project.

    Table Top Games + Morschauser + Cordery + whatever feels good, owning no allegiance to previous rules, going wherever you want to go, able to be whatever you want it to be.

    Able to leap small buildings at a sngle bound... Sorry. I got carried away.

    Just some thoughts.

    Happy Thanksgiving or Holidays, as appropriate, to one and all.

    Putting my finger alongside my nose...


  3. Ross Mac,

    You have pretty well stated what my thoughts are, altough bearing in mind what Zuhkov wrote about minefields, perhaps it should be equated with a Machine Gun or Pill Box (i.e. Die score = 4, 5, or 6).

    Minefields will take time to lay and remove, as will barbed wire.

    All the best,


  4. Jim,

    The scenario I have in mind might use minefields and barbed wire, which is why I am thinking about simple rules to cover them.

    As you say, Morschauser and WEC are beginning to merge to some extent, and perhaps the next step will be to produce a hybrid of the two. I suspect that Morschauser will be the backbone on which to ‘build’ the new rules, with elements of WEC and TTG … and possibly something from the Red Square games.

    Time will tell …

    All the best,



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