Saturday 16 January 2010

50,000 hits!

Sometime this evening the number of 'hits' on this blog passed a new milestone – 50,000!

I added a ‘hit’ counter on 11th February 2009, and at the time I expected to average about 20 to 30 ‘hits’ per day. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to get more than a couple of thousand ‘hits’ per year, but by May 2009 the 5,000 mark had been reached … and then things really took off! The number of ‘hits’ passed 10,000 in June and 25,000 in September.

When I started this blog back on 18th September 2008 I wrote that:
'After much prompting ... and not a little reluctance on my part ... I have decided to take the plunge.

I have now joined the world of the self-publicising, self-centred, self-indulgent blogger.

I intend to share my thoughts on wargaming (and other related matters that crop up) with a wider audience ... probably much to the relief of my wife and wargaming colleagues. So watch this space ... and come prepared to be bored!'
Well, I hope that I have not been too boring, and that you will continue to read my blog.

Am I a 'self-publicising, self-centred, self-indulgent blogger'? Well I have tried not to be … but I am probably not the best judge as to whether or not I have been. What I can say is that blogging has given me a great deal of fun as well as giving a much needed structure to my wargaming. More importantly it has also introduced me to a wide group of fellow wargamers who I would otherwise never have ‘met’, and their friendship and support has been the biggest bonus that blogging has brought me.

Many thanks for continuing to read my inconsequential ramblings … and roll on 100,000!


  1. Make that 50,131!

    Not really self indulgent (but I would say that I guess) and it really is a great way to share with other gamers and keep motivated...


  2. Stryker,

    I am simply amazed by the number of people who read my ramblings and who enjoy them.

    What I really value is the feedback and comments readers make, which I have always found very encouraging.

    All the best,


  3. many congratulations Bob, I have always enjoyed the content and hope to continue to do so for a long time to come! Very inspirational and has helped me enormously with many different things!

    All the best,


  4. Ogrefencer,

    Many thanks for your comments - and support - over the past year.

    Keep reading ... and it will soon top 100,000!

    All the best,



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