Saturday 23 January 2010

Modified Morschauser '19th Century' Wargames Rules

After the recent play-tests of the latest draft of my adaptation of Joseph Morschauser's 'Modern' Period Rules for the 19th century era, it was apparent that several minor but significant changes needed to be made. These were:
  • The use of a card-driven turn sequence
  • The addition of an extra figure to Machine Gun and Artillery Units
  • The reduction of the strength of a Cavalry Unit from four to three figures
I have now made these changes, and the latest draft of the rules is below.

I hope to play-test this latest draft tomorrow if time and circumstances allow.


  1. Howdy Bob,

    When you are satisfied with the rules could you please put a pdf file over on the Red Hex page?



  2. Jim,

    Hello to you too!

    I certainly will be adding a pdf version of the rules to the Red Hex Wargames website in due course.

    All the best,



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