Thursday, 7 January 2010

Modified Morschauser '19th Century' Wargames Rules

Only one typo has been spotted so far: the second line on page 3 should read 'All weapon ranges are measured orthogonally, never diagonally.'

As my place of work is going to be closed tomorrow because of the freezing weather, there is a possibility ... just a small one ... that I might be able to run a play-test of these rules sometime during the day. If I manage to do so I will write a blog entry about how it went as soon as possible afterwards.

In the meantime I have to go outside and clear so snow.


  1. Looks good so far, I look forward to the play test.

    Sorry about you folks having our kind of weather.


  2. Ross Mac,

    As it is very heavily based on my previous adaptation of Joseph Morschauser's rules it should work fairly well ... but the play-test will point out anything that does not work.

    The weather is not too bad and we should be able to cope ... but our government - both national and local - will not spend the money of things (salt stocks, gritters, snow ploughs, de-icing equipment)that will only be needed once or twice evey decade. Hence the fact that every time we get weather like this things grind to a halt.

    I am now off to the shops to buy some food. I just hope that the delivery trucks have managed to make it through!

    All the best,



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