Tuesday, 19 January 2010

PBEM Kriegsspiel – The Waterloo Campaign

An extract from von Blücher's diary for 11th June 1815:
News that the 'Beast' in on the move against us fills me with no fear. He was defeated, and he will be defeated again; we and the English will see to that!

I have given my orders, and have sent a courier to His Grace, the Duke of Wellington. All I can do is to wait and see what happens next. With luck we shall catch Bonaparte before he is ready; if not, we shall face him on the field of Mars soon enough.

My boys are young, and many lack experience, but they are true patriots and will fight and die for their King and Country.

A good cigar and a brandy or two should settle me down before I sleep. I have made my dispositions and can do no more. I will sleep knowing that I have done my best for my King and my Country.

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