Saturday, 16 January 2010

Modified Morschauser '19th Century' Wargames Rules

I finally managed to get enough time to sit down and write the amended draft of draft of my adaptation of Joseph Morschauser's 'Modern' Period Rules for the 19th century era. I have incorporated the ideas I laid down in my blog entries of 14th and 15th January, and I hope to be able to play-test the rules by next weekend. In the meantime, here they are:

Read, enjoy … and please make comments!


  1. Hi Bob,

    I have jest read v2 of the 'Colonial' rules, and I think that they have successfully clarified the points that I raised in my previous e-mail.

    They read very well - so hopefully next week's game will prove that to be the same in the playing.


  2. Tone,

    I must admit that coming back to them after a break did help me to see things somewhat clearer (although the language could still do with a bit of clarification and/or simplification in places).

    Roll on the play-test!

    All the best,



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