Wednesday, 13 January 2010

NOBO magnets and steel figure bases

I have never, ever mastered the art of painting figures that were stuck on multi-figure bases before being painted. I was always unable to get my brushes into all the little nooks and crannies that needed painting, with the result that the figures looked rather poorly painted.

Until now the only method that I have been happy to use has involved mounting each figure on a large, temporary base that I could hold whilst I painted the figure. When the figure had been painted and varnished, I then removed it from its temporary base and fixed it to its permanent base.

NOBO 30mm diameter display board magnets.
One of the benefits of using steel washers (or coins) for basing figures is that you can use NOBO 30mm diameter display board magnets to hold them whilst you paint the figures. These magnets are easy to grasp, and the figure (and base) can be removed after painting by just sliding them off. I have about twenty of these magnets – which is the average size of a batch of figures that I would normally paint – and I am looking forward to using them in the very near future.

A painted and based 15mm scale Essex Miniatures US Army officer on a NOBO 30mm diameter display board magnet. This figure gives some idea of the size of the magnet.

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