Sunday 2 April 2023

Gridded Naval Wargames on special offer at Wargames Vault

Around 10am US Central time this morning the PDF edition of GRIDDED NAVAL WARGAMES will be the Deal of the Day on Wargames Vault. It will be 50% off its normal priced and only cost $2.44.


  1. i have just purchased to add to my growing portable collection :-) - QQ did i miss on first read the how many M/yds is a hex - i have an imagination campaign and mouth of the 'big river' is about 10km so wondering how many hexs that would be

    1. Millsy,

      There’s no set ground scale, but vary it according to the period. For my ironclads, I use 1 hex = 1 cable (200 yards), but I could just as easily use 1 hex = 2 cables (400 yards) to fit the action on my tabletop.

      All the best,



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