Monday 29 May 2023

Warship 2023

An Amazon delivery driver brought me this year's issue of WARSHIP on Thursday, and over the weekend I spent several very enjoyable hours reading it.

I have been buying this publication since 1977, when it started life as a quarterly softback magazine. It became a hardback annual in 1989, and the original softback issues were then re-bound and sold in hardback format, with four quartlerly issues in each volume. They form the backbone of my naval history and warship design collection and currently occupy well over a metre of my bookshelves.

This issue was edited by John Jordan, and contains the following article:

  • Editorial
  • A series of unfortunate events: The loss of HMS Audacious by John Roberts
  • Clemenceau and Foch: France's first modern aircraft carriers by Jean Moulin and John Jordan
  • The Italian Connection: Ansaldo's UP.41 design by Stephen McLaughlin
  • Takasago, Kasagi and Chitose: The IJN's first 8in-gun protected cruisers by Kathrin Milanovich
  • The Italian Navy and the battleship in the 1930s: Theory and practice by Michele Cosentino
  • Postwar electronic warfare system in the Royal Navy by Peter Marland
  • The German Flak Ships Part 1: The German and ex-Norwegian hulls by Aidan Dodson and Dirk Nottelmann
  • The strange fate of General Alekseev's guns by Sergei Vinogradov
  • The Battleship Massena by Philippe Caresse
  • The development of the Yokosuka Navy Yard by Hans Lengerer
  • Preparing for the next Pacific War: The US Navy and distributed naval operations by Conrad Waters
  • Warship Notes
    • 'Hidden in plain sight': The proposed conversion of the two-deck HMS Duncan to a breastwork monitor on the lines of HMS Devastation by Ian Sturton
    • Patterns of political nomenclature in the Russian and Soviet Navies by Kenneth Fraser
    • HMS Pioneer, 1945 by Kenneth Fraser
    • 'Zombies' in warship history: The first in a new series that looks at some of the 'zombie facts' that continue to stalk histories of the world's warships by Aidan Dodson
  • A's and A's
  • Reviews
  • Warship Gallery
    • The Imperial German Navy 1890 – 1918 by Dirk Nottelmann

There is a lot of interesting stuff in this year's annual but one particular article stands out as being of more interest to me than the others ... The German Flak Ships Part 1: The German and ex-Norwegian hulls. I have written several blog posts about this topic as well as mentioning them in a guest blog post on THE DAWLISH CHRONICLES website.

This is a book that I know that I will return to many, many times in the future for both information and inspiration.

WARSHIP 2023 was edited by John Jordan and published in 2023 by Osprey Publishing (ISBN 978 1 4728 5713 2).

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