Thursday, 16 February 2012

Clear vinyl

Whilst out shopping today my wife spotted something in one of the local ‘pound’ shops that she thought might be of interest to me … large rolls of 2m-wide clear vinyl. In fact she actually went and I found me lurking in the magazine section of the local supermarket and took me back to the shop … where I bought a 2m length from one of the rolls.

The vinyl is intended to be used as a table covering, and it is quite thick. I don’t have an immediate use for it, but it is the sort of product that once sold, I won’t see again. It will be very useful if I ever want to run a map game as it will be possible to write on the vinyl with water-soluble OHP pens. It might also be useful if I run any naval wargames using Fred Jane’s Naval War Game Rules as it can be placed over the ‘sea squares’ to hold them in place as well as enabling torpedo tracks or minefields to be drawn in.

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