Saturday, 7 September 2013

I have been to ... Milton Hundred Wargames Club Open Day

When I first started wargaming there were very few wargames clubs in the UK. Mostly they were informal gatherings of 'wargamers who knew wargamers', and they would meet in one another's homes, a rented room in a pub, or a local village or community hall. Some of these clubs prospered and grew (for example, the South London Warlords and South East London Wargames Group) and others withered on the vine, often as the result of a key member having to move away or having to give up wargaming because of family and/or work.

One feature of many of these early wargames clubs were open days. Some of these have developed into full-scale wargames shows (i.e. SALUTE and SELWG) but most fell by the wayside. One club that has bucked this trend is the Milton Hundred Wargames Club in Kent ... and it was their Open Day that I attended this morning.

The club meet in Iwade Village Hall, Ferry Road, Iwade, Sittingbourne, Kent, and that was where the Open Day was held.

The following photographs give some idea of the range of wargames fought by the club.

The first battle I saw as I entered was set during the early days of World War I, and saw the 'plucky little Belgians' taking on the might of the German Army. The figures were 28mm-scale and the rules being used were TO THE LAST MAN.

The next battle used the well-known SAGA rules, and featured Normans and Anglo-Saxons.

On the largest table a battle between the Greeks and the Persians was being fought using WRG rules.

The massive pike blocks were particularly impressive and the sheer number of figures involved was testament to the hard work and enthusiasm of the club members who were staging this battle..

There were some excellent displays of painted figures on show, including these fantasy figures.

RAPID FIRE has an enthusiastic following amongst the club members, and these rules were being used to fight a battle set during the fighting in and around the Falaise Gap.

The final wargame that was on show was a STAR WARS battle staged by members of the Maidstone Wargames Club.

The members of the club also had a static display that illustrated the rules that members used and more examples of painted figures and terrain.

The catering for the Open day was supplied by local members of the Women's Institute ... and was top quality fare at rock-bottom prices.

I cannot praise too highly the efforts of the Milton Hundred Wargames Club in staging this event. This was grassroots wargaming at its best, and it is a great pity that there were not a few more non-members of the club at the Open Day. The club is too far away from where I live for me to go there on a regular basis, but I certainly hope to pay them an occasional visit in the future.


  1. Disappointed I couldn't make it but couldn't get legally out of work, thanks for the pictures!

  2. Francis Lee,

    I am sorry to read that you were not able to make it to the Open Day, but I am pleased that my photos gave you some idea about what games were taking place.

    I think that the club wants to make this a regular event ... so you may be able to go in future.

    All the best,


  3. Lovely stuff! Thanks for the write-up, Bob and good luck to the club!

  4. The Dancing Cake Tin,

    It was a very friendly club, and it deserves to flourish.

    All the best,


  5. Hi Bob,

    Hope you don't mind but i've put a link to this article on the new Milton Hundred FB page. The article is one of the top results when you look for the club on Google so thought it'd be nice to share.

    Any problems let me know and i'll take it off.

    All the best,


  6. Drew,

    Thanks for adding this link. I have enjoyed my two visits to the Milton Hundred Wargames Club open day and to the Broadside show ... and if the link brings in a new member or two, all the better.

    Please give my regards to Alan Abbey, who I have known for the best part of forty years!

    All the best,



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