Thursday, 26 September 2013

Operation Barbarossa

A week or so ago David Crook told me that he had seen a new book about Operation Barbarossa that he thought might interest me. I did think about buying it, but decided – at the time – that I did not need another book about this subject.

I saw a copy of the book on the shelves of the nearest branch of Waterstones soon afterwards, and decided that I might buy it after all ... but to leave it until my next visit. I visited again ... and the book was still on the shelf ... but as I did not have enough cash on me I did not buy it.

Today I returned to Waterstones yet again ... and this time I did buy it! I am therefore now the proud owner of a copy of OPERATION BARBAROSSA: THE GERMAN INVASION OF SOVIET RUSSIA by Robert Kirchubel.

The book was published by Osprey Publications (ISBN 978 1 78200 408 0) and uses material from three of their 'Campaign' series books (OPERATION BARBAROSSA 1941 (1): ARMY GROUP SOUTH, OPERATION BARBAROSSA 1941 (2): ARMY GROUP NORTH, and OPERATION BARBAROSSA 1941 (3): ARMY GROUP CENTER) which were also written by Robert Kirchubel and illustrated by Howard Gerrard and Peter Dennis. The new book does reflect further research by the author and – unlike the volumes in the 'Campaign' series – it is a hardback.

I do not intend to read this book in the immediate future as I regard it more as a reference source and replacement for my three 'Campaign' series books rather than as a book that I will read from cover-to-cover. The 'Campaign' series books will be disposed of in due course, if only to make room on the shelves for their replacement.


  1. Hi Bob,
    I haven't read that one yet -- I'll look out for it. I recommend War without Garlands: Operation Barbarossa, 1941 - 1942 by Robert J. Kershaw. It's a different take than any other I have read, presenting the case that the German supply and casualty/breakdown situation was pretty bad from fairly early in the campaign. His analysis of their operational and strategic supply limits are especially interesting.

  2. The Ferrymen (John),

    I read Kershaw's book some time ago, and although I did not buy a copy, it was a good book and well worth recommending.

    All the best,


  3. Will keep an eye out for it cheap- though I'm pretty sure I've got the first in the campaign series on Barbarossa.

    Talking of things I've got a spare copy of David Glantz's Operation Barbarossa going spare (so good I bought it twice....) if you are interested?



  4. Pete,

    I worked out that the hardback was cheaper than the cost of the three separate softback volumes added together ... so it seemed like a reasonable purchase.

    Thanks for the offer of a copy of Glantz's book, but I am afraid to say that I already have one.

    All the best,



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