Tuesday, 5 July 2022

Backstories for my Belle Époque imagi-nations: The Sultanate of Khakistan

Khakistan came into being when I found a number of painted but unbased 15mm Essex Miniatures that had been painted in various shades of khaki. The uniforms looked vaguely like those worn by the Turkish Army during the Great War, and as a result they were used to create the Army of Khakistan ... and Ottoman Turkey provided the inspiration for Khakistan.

The Sultanate of Khakistan

The Sultanate of Khakistan is all that remains of the once-great Sofaman Empire. The empire had once included Harabia, Sahel, Stalbania, and Zubia, but over recent years these areas had broken away from Sofaman rule, and all that was left was Khakistan, the heartland of the empire.

The flag of the Sultanate of Khakistan.

Although the Sultans have all come from the same ruling family, the title has not always been passed down from father to son. Occasionally a younger brother has succeeded to the throne, usually when the incumbent has proven to be ineffective, an imbecile, or infertile. Government is by decree, and the senior officer of the Sultan's Court – the Vizier – performs the functions of Prime Minister and head of the Civil Servant.

Agriculture is the backbone of the country's economy, but over recent years heavy and light manufacturing industries have begun to develop, as has mining. This increase in the country's wealth has seen the Khakistani Army undergo a degree of modernisation, and instructors and weaponry from both Burgundy and Schwarzenberg have resulted in the creation of a small, modern army.


  1. Hello there Bob,

    I have to say that I am enjoying these little back stories and am looking forward to when the ‘dice are rolled in anger’ so to speak! As an aside the repurposing and refurbishing of some of your old figures has also been enjoyable to follow.

    I am looking forward to seeing where this is all heading as I have a feeling there is a cunning plan afoot….

    All the best,


    1. David Crook,

      I’m holding off from fighting any battles with my Belle Époque collection until after COW and I have some idea what and when my cancer treatment will start. In the meantime, doing these figure renovations is helping to keep my mind off my medical condition.

      There is a cunning plan but I have yet to commit it to paper … mainly because it is still quite patchy.

      All the best,


  2. Replies
    1. David in Suffolk,

      I must admit that I copied the idea from someone else because it sounded so good!

      All the best,



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