Monday 26 October 2009

The elusive Morschauser rules!

Having read – and re-read – everything I have about Joseph Morschauser’s rules, I keep getting the feeling that I could almost put down on paper something that would be very similar to his elusive gridded ‘Musket’ period rules … and then it all seems to slip from my grasp.

The problem is that although the game mechanisms are fairly similar regardless of the historical period they are used for, the distances stands can move and the ranges weapons can be fired at differ considerably. The rules I am looking to recreate us a one-inch gridded battlefield, but I only have a copy of the equivalent ‘Shock’ period rules. I have a copy of the ‘Musket’ period rules from his book, but they do not use a grid. Finally, I have a copy of the ‘Frontier’ rules; these do use a grid, but the squares are larger than one-inch in size. Trying to meld these three into one seems to produce more confusion rather than clarity.

I will persist, but it is obvious that it going to take much longer than I first surmised.


  1. Bob, Have you been in contact with Bob Bard? (He of the Courier timeline) Bob ran a Morschauser game at Cold Wars a few years ago and has been around the US wargaming scene a long time and knows a lot of people.
    -Ross Mac

  2. Ross Mac,

    Thanks for the heads up on this!

    I will try to contact him tomorrow as my current Internet access is rather limited.

    Many thanks,



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