Thursday, 1 October 2009

New look for my blog

After having used the same design template for my blog for over a year, I decided to switch to the one I was using for my Colonial Wargaming blog.

I have done this for the sake of uniformity ... and because I wanted a change!

I hope that you like the 'new look'; I can assure you the change will not affect the content!


  1. Looks good Bob and I am quite sure the content will be as lively as ever!

  2. Ogrefencer,

    I thought that the old look was a bit 'dated', so I went for something that looked even more old fashioned!

    All the best,


  3. As long as you have (as you do), dark print on a light background (so it is easy to read), I'm happy if you're happy.

    The ones that my old eyes find difficult is those with colored (or even white) type on a very dark background . . . your blog doesn't have that problem and it looks good.

    -- Jeff

  4. Jeff,

    The ability to actually read what is displayed onscreen is too often neglected by people who want 'smart-looking' web pages (and blog pages!).

    My wife is an expert in the education of people with special educational needs - including those with dyslexia and sight problems - and I always listen to her advice. It includes:

    1. Do not use serif fonts (like Times New Roman)

    2. Us contrasting colours for the fonts and backgrounds

    3. Never use the same colour tones (i.e. light blue on light red) for the fonts and backgrounds

    Her recommended fonts are Arial and Lucida Sans in light blue or white against a dark blue background; black (or dark grey) on a white background being a good second choice.

    Hence the bulk of the text on my blog and my websites use Arial in black on a white background; simple, readable, ... and not too tiring to read ... and write as I am not in the first flush of youth myself!

    All the best,



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