Thursday, 15 October 2009

Joseph Morschauser’s grid-based wargames rules for the 'Musket' period – Does anyone have a copy?

I have recently written an article for a forthcoming issue of THE NUGGET about Joseph Morschauser’s grid-based wargames rules for the ‘Shock’ period (i.e. Ancients). Much of the information I used came from an article in MINIATURE PARADE that was published in the 1967 Winter issue. It included a synopsis of his ‘Shock’ period rules and some interesting – but somewhat grainy – pictures of an Ancients game in progress.

As I was writing the article it struck me that although I had a vague idea what his equivalent rules for the ‘Musket’ period were like – thanks to a couple of detailed entries on the Vintage Wargaming blog – I did not have a full understanding of how they worked.

So this is an appeal … of sorts.

If anyone has a copy of Joseph Morschauser’s gridded wargames rules for the ‘Musket’ period, please could they let me have a scan or a photocopy of them?

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