Monday, 26 October 2009

Today's tribute is to ... George Formby!

I spent most of today doing chores around the house, including cleaning all the windows ... hence the title of this blog entry!

We have a lot on windows (our house has three floors and a large conservatory on the back) and I have ended the day with aching arms, a stiff back, and a strong desire to exercise my mind ... so despite my intention not to look at the feedback I have received about WHEN EMPIRES CLASH – COLONIAL WARS for at least a couple of days, I have succumbed.

The feedback I have had so far has been extremely helpful. Some of the typos that I fail to notice have been spotted (a fresh pair of eyes will always see something obvious that has been missed) and I have had some very, very useful ideas for re-wording some of the rules to make them clearer and more precise (a big thank you to Jim Wright in particular for his suggestions!).

I have begun the process of making the necessary changes to the current draft, and hopefully this should be completed either later today or sometime tomorrow.

Note: For those of you who are too young to have ever heard or heard of George Formby, besides being very lucky (and you don't know how lucky you are!) you will not know that one of the songs for which he is famous is entitled "When I'm Cleaning Windows".

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