Saturday, 24 October 2009

The hunt for Morschauser's Gridded 'Musket' Period War Games rules!

The onset of my half term holiday gave me a real adrenalin boost last night, with the result that I spent several hours reading and re-reading all the stuff I have about Joseph Morschauser's wargames rules.

This concentrated effort paid off. I soon realised that Joseph Morschauser used the same basic 'architecture' and mechanisms for his rules. In other words, they all seemed to be laid out in the same way, to follow the same logical sequence, and to use a few well-tried and trusted methods of achieving results. This morning I was able to put digital versions of two of his sets of rules alongside each other on my computer screen to compare them (his 'Frontier' rules and 'Shock' period rules) ... and they are very similar.

I am now like a man who is trying to put a jigsaw picture of a landscape back together. I have the corner pieces and some of the sky, a few bits of the foreground, and a couple of pieces that don't seem to quite fit yet. The box the jigsaw came in is now empty; I can see what the picture should look like (unfortunately there is no guide picture on the box lid!) ... but it is still too indistinct to be absolutely sure what I am looking at.

What I need to do is to try to 'draw in' the missing bits to see if I can finish the picture ... and that is going to be me project for the next few days (or weeks!).


  1. For obvious reason (they are on a grid!) I will be following this with interest and using his system for 12mm Risk figures would be entertaining. I have a copy of Jack Scruby's N Gauge horse and musket rules which I had a mind to try on a grid.

  2. Ogrefencer,

    I went out this afternoon to B&Q with the intention of buying some wood for a board ... and came away with four cheap 50cm x 50cm green carpet tiles to use for the playing surface and some blue and brown masking tape for the rivers and roads. All I have to do is to mark the grid up with an indelible marker and I can then start pushing some figures around!

    All the best,



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