Friday, 2 October 2009

Just what I was looking for!

During a visit to the local branch of WHSmith (for the benefit of any non-UK readers, WHSmith is a nationwide chain of newsagents, booksellers, stationers, toy sellers, DVD/CD retailers etc.) I happened to be passing the games section and saw ...

... a pack of magnetic numbered counters.

Now I had been contemplating how I was going to make two sets of numbered 'chits' or counters for the latest draft of WHEN EMPIRES CLASH! - COLONIAL WARS … and when I saw these I realised my problems were over!

As they are magnetic it will be possible to store the numbered counters on a metal tin lid or piece of steel paper when they are not in use, thus reducing the possibility of them getting lost before, during or after a battle. Furthermore they are nearly 2mm thick and are fairly easy to pick up.

The counters are part of a range of similar products sold by Indigo Worldwide Ltd (33 – 35 Daws Lane, London, NW7 4SD []) that apparently includes (according to a list on the back of the package):
  • A – Z letters
  • Blank Tiles
  • Flags & Capital Cities – Europe
  • Flags & Capital Cities – Rest of the World
  • Small Magnetic Wipe Clean Boards (295mm x 245mm)
  • Large Magnetic Wipe Clean Boards (397mm x 322mm)
Some or all of these might be of use to wargamers, and I intend to visit this company’s website in the very near future in order to have a detailed look at their product range.

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