Sunday, 18 October 2009

SELWG 2009 – A short photo-report

After what seems like a very long time, the SELWG show has returned …and despite having a shed-load of work this to do today I managed to get there for a few hours and to make several purchases.

The queue outside the National Sports Centre, Crystal Palace waits patiently in the Autumn sun for the doors to open at 10.00am.
The Main Hall. The demonstration and participation games were in the centre of the Hall, and trade stand lined the walls.
There were also trade stands on the balcony ...
... and lining the walkway from the entrance to the balcony.
The South East Essex Military Society (SEEMS) ran their popular 'Wot, no parachute?' game. Here it is just before the first game started ...
... and here it is in full swing.
The Shepway Gamers produced some impressive terrain for a FLAMES OF WAR battle.
A close-up of the terrain and models used in the Southend-on-Sea Wargamers (SSWG) game about the possible Warsaw Pact invasion of Western Europe in '1984'.
Another World War II battle, this time put on by Loughton Strike Force.
The Diamond Geezers put on a very attractive participation game called 'The Raid'. As can be seen, this attracted a lot of attention from young and old alike.
A section of 'Battle of Minden' wargame.
Deal Wargames Club were 'Crossing the Irrawaddy'. As usual, the standard of their modelling was superb.
Martin Goddard of PETER PIG was on hand to explain and demonstrate the latest version of AK47.

The AK47 demonstration/participation game allowed those that took part to experience the recent changes that have been made to the rules.

One of the best things about going to a wargamers show is meeting old friends, and today was no exception. Besides the chaps from SEEMS – most of whom I wargamed with back in the early 1980s at Eric Knowles’s shop NEW MODEL ARMY – I also had a chance to talk to Duncan Macfarlane (late of WARGAMES ILLUSTRATED), Nigel Drury, Peter Grizzell, Nick Huband, Tony Hawkins (and the ‘Norfolk lads’), and Kenny Smith. They all seemed to be enjoying themselves … and so did I!

Let's hope that now the problems with the venue are sorted, the SELWG show will continue to thrive and grow.


  1. Well it is a shame I missed you at the show Bob. I've posted a brief report of the day on my site and have put links over to here, as I didn't have a camera with me. SELWG was a really great wargames show, and it was well worth going to.

  2. thanks for that, Bob, couldn't make it myself, so I can enjoy vicariously thanks to you

  3. Hi Bob, Great pics and I was pleased to see SEEMs featuring with the air action. So what form did the retail therapy take?


  4. Paint it Pink,

    It was a great way to spend a Sunday morning, and one hopes that what has always been London's 'other' wargames show will continue to flourish.

    I shall read your blog entry with interest.

    All the best,


  5. Christot,

    Sorry that you could not make it but try to next year ... I don't think that you will be disappointed.

    All the best,


  6. Ogrefencer,

    That would be telling!

    Basically a couple of newly published Ospreys and some odds and ends. I almost bought some WINGS OF WAR WWI aircraft ... but resisted the temptation in the hope that my wife will take the hint and buy me some for Christmas.

    All the best,



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