Tuesday, 27 October 2009

When Empires Clash! – Colonial Wars: Latest news

I have finished revising the text of the rules in the light of the feedback I have already received. As part of the revision process I have split the Army Lists away from the Rules and will make them available as a separate entity.

The main reasons why I have done this are:
  • It will reduce the length of the Rules booklet
  • It will make it easier to add extra Army Lists as I develop them if they are separated from the Rules
  • I have had requests just for sets of the Army Lists from people who want to use them with other rules(!)
With a bit of luck both the Rules booklet and the Army Lists booklet should be available as downloads from the Rex Hex Wargames website sometime tomorrow.

PS. I have also designed a cover for both booklets. Here is the cover for the Army Lists:


  1. Love the cover Bob - Very 'Victorian' in its design, By Gad Sir!

  2. Jeff and Ogrefencer,

    The design I used is a bit of a 'cheat' in that I originally put it together for an earlier set of rules that never actually saw the light of day. They were entitled HEROES OF VICTORIA'S EMPIRE (HoVE).

    The picture was created by using part of a still from the famous Korda classic film THE FOUR FEATHERS and a Union flag that I found in a set of free images.

    All the best,



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