Tuesday, 6 October 2009

When Empires Clash! – Colonial Wars: Some progress is being made … but not a lot!

My cold is not getting any better, although it has not yet stopped me going to work. When I got home tonight after the usual drive through rush-hour traffic, I crashed out for over an hour in my armchair. When I woke up my head felt a bit clearer, and after having a meal I managed to spend an hour working on the latest draft of WHEN EMPIRES CLASH! – COLONIAL WARS.

I have finished work on the General Rules section, and have included relevant notes in the text … and as a result I have managed to avoid using footnotes, which I know annoy a lot of people! I have also included a couple of photographs and a diagram to illustrate particular points in the rules regarding the placement of two stands in a single grid square and the measurement of movement and ranges orthogonally.

I have now begun work on the Battle Rules section. I have changed the turn sequence to incorporate the use of numbered activation counters for both solo and face-to-face battles. I am also changing the rules so that stands cannot move through grid squares that are already occupied by other stands, including friendly ones. These changes have meant quite a lot of re-writing and re-drafting of the existing wording, but I think that the resultant rules are much clearer and easier to understand.

Only time – and extensive play-testing – will prove whether or not I am right to make these changes … but I hope that it will be fun finding out!


  1. Hi Bob, I hope the cold abates but your efforts in the face of such adversity are noted and much appreciated!!Get well soon!

  2. Ogrefencer,

    The problem is that sometimes I feel much better ... and then, thirty minutes later, I feel really bad again.

    With any luck I will better by the weekend ... but now that my wife has come down with the same cold I suspect that it might hang a round a bit longer.

    All the best,



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